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Us TOO TH Presbyterian

Us TOO-Texas Health Presbyterian

Tom Dillon
Contact & NTxPCC Treasurer

The Us TOO TH Presbyterian-Plano Prostate Cancer Support Group is one of the largest support groups in the DFW area. Several group members are very active in NTxPCC activities, taking the initiative in participating in health fairs and prostate cancer related community events. 

Meetings:    Every 1st Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm, Oak Room on Presbyterian Campus – 6200 W. Parker Road, Plano, TX 75093

Contact:     Tom Dillon, 972-998-5221 (cell) tjdillon@aol.com

Us TOO TH Presbyterian-Plano 


  • May 2 – Michelle Hamilton, Clinical Dietitian, UTSW – “Food and diet recommendations for cancer patients, specifically prostate cancer patients”
  • June 6 – Prof. Rathan Subramaniam, MD, PhD, UTSW Chief of Nuclear Medicine Division – “Advances in imaging regarding detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer”
  • July – no meeting: July 4 holiday.  
  • August 1 – James Cochran, MD: “Targeted High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Prostate Treatment”
  • September  5 – Mike Emerson: Reel Recovery
  • October 3 – Garcia-Rojas, MD; Laser Prostate Centers of America, “Focal Laser Ablation”
  • November 7 – Nathalie Mojonnet, Sales Manager, Augmenix – vendor for SpaceOAR
  • December 5 – Holiday Party


  • January 2 – Michael Folkert, MD: “Clinical Trials at UTSW”
  • February 6 – Raquibul Hannan, MD (UTSW) “Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy”
  • March 6 – Renie Guilliod, MD (Presby-Dallas) ” Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”
  • April 3 – Ashley Ross, MD, PhD (TX Urology) “Germlines and Genetics”
  • May 1 – Isaac Bowman, MD (UT-SW) “Meds Used in Treatment of Recurrence”
  • June 5 – Rich Bails (Plano), Discussing Dr. Meyers video in Supplements Relevant to PCa
  • July 3 – Neil Dasai, MD (UT Southwestern) “New Radiation Technologies in Prostate Cancers”
  • Aug 7 – Paul Chavetz, PHD: “The Psychology of Cancer”
  • Sep 4 – Deborah Warner (ABBVIE): “The Man Plan”
  • Oct 2 – Michael Folkert, MD: “Poten-C Trial; HD Brachy Therapy”
  • Nov.6 – Kevin Brown (Genetic Health): “Oncotype DX Tests”


  • Jan. 8 – Treatment Options after Recurrence (Video)
  • Feb. 5 – Payal Kapur, MD, Pathologist UT-Southwestern, “Changes in prostate cancer pathology research and practice.”
  • April 2 – Gary Barlow, Director at Texas Center for Proton Therapy: “Use of Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer”
  • May 7 – Dr. Mona Robbins, PhD, UTSW – Psycho-Oncology Programming lead – Managing the anxiety of awaiting results (PSA, biopsy, recurrence, etc.)
  • June 4 – Dr. Yair Lotan, MD, UTSW-Urology, Clinical trials with curcumin during AS and post-prostatectomy
  • July 2 – Dr. Pat Fulgham, MD, UREF – Imaging Advances that Aid Diagnosis, Detecting and Managing Recurrence
  • Aug. 6 – Brad Hornberger, PA, “Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)”
  • Sept. 3, Tuesday, TED Talk, William Li, MD: “Eat to Beat Disease”
  • Oct. 1, Dr. Ashley Ross, TBA
  • Nov. 5, Tuesday. 6:30 pm; Raquibul Hannan, MD “SBRT for high Gleason patients”


All – since we are unable to meet in person due to Covid-19 restrictions, I’d like to setup a virtual meeting using the Zoom conferencing facility. Many of you have probably participated in a Zoom session for work, church, or other reasons.  If you have not, I encourage you to download the Zoom app for smartphones, tablets or laptops – not recommended for PCs as most PCs don’t have cameras for video capability.


For the Zoom sessions we are joining the NTxPCC sessions every second Monday evening.

If you have not used Zoom recently (since April 15), you will want to download their newest version 5 for the app.


Email me with any questions/comments you may have prior to next Tuesday’s session.


Us TOO TH Presbyterian-Plano 

See the attached file for visual directions to our meeting location at Presby-Plano. Verbally, we will be meeting in the Oak Room of the Conference Center which is located on the lower level (LL-elevator) in Tower A. Enter thru the main hospital entrance and proceed to the West Elevators to the right of the reception desk and snack bar (open until 8P for you Starbucks lovers). Take the elevator down to LL, follow signage to the Conference Center – the Oak Room will be on your right as you enter the center. There is also a bank of vending machines for drinks and snacks near the elevator exit on the lower level. Ample parking should be available in front of the hospital at the time of day we meet. In the event of inclement weather, I suggest parking in the garage at the East end of the hospital and walking under cover thru the building to the main lobby to the West Elevators in Tower A.

Until then, be safe and be healthy!