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Excellent charity active in education for prostate cancer patients. This is done with a group of passionate and very well educated survivors. I highly recommend this group for its advocacy and support.

– Trey Moore, MD

I was first diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2018. My Urologist recommended I get in touch with a support group. NTxPCC literally saved my life. The information they provided me, took a lot of the stress and concern of my diagnosis away. The resources, such as meetings, guest lecturers (Experts in the field of Prostate Cancer) allowed me to make a decision on my treatment. The confidence from their members, gave me strength and hope that I would survive this cancer. I can’t say enough how un-selfish and caring the Coalition and its members are.

– Survivor Testimonial 

This support group is an invaluable resource for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, and for survivors as well, as the guys that participate are incredibly knowledgeable and have very diverse experiences with their treatments and journey of survival. The willingness to share these experiences are what makes this group so helpful. Very uplifting to have open conversations with men who have been through it and are still here to talk about it.

– Survivor Testimonial 

The volunteers who run this organization are amazing. When my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in November 2012 this group not only offered education and information but a place where he and I both felt welcome and were able to talk to people who understood our situation. I can’t say enough good things about the folks at North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition. The yearly symposium they sponsor is also very helpful and informative. These folks truly care. I would recommend (and have) this group to anyone who has received a Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

– Survivor’s Spouse Testimonial 

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer struck fear in me. Talking to a neighbor who knew someone, who then knew someone, led me to attend a NTxPCC support group meeting. That meeting provided a source of information and survivor knowledge that eased my fear and led me on an enlightened path to treatment. It has been three years since successful treatment and now may wife and I attend support groups to bring knowledge and hope to the newly diagnosed. There is nothing like the knowledge and experience of men once like you to bring hope!

– Survivor Testimonial