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Important Links
for the Information

National/International Organizations and Sites

There are a number of websites for prostate cancer; we are listing the most prominent and pertinent sites.

State & Local Connections

Local connections include general services that are not prostate cancer specific, but address survivorship programs, programs for financial assistance and, etc. for all cancers. Programs directed at general wellness are essential for long term survival.

Information on Clinical Trials

Men are reluctant to participate in clinical trials. These trials are not only essential for for future dealings with cancer, but they oftentimes provide new treatments for cancer not yet available to most patients. The importance in participating in clinical trials increases with cancer advancement as new treatments are available at this time to cure advanced metastasized prostate cancer.


Fitness activities are an important part for recovery and overall survival. 


As Facebook became more and more popular, a number of prostate cancer related pages are available in Facebook.